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Kåska Drinks

Pushing The Limits Of Shopify: How Alpha Alias Delivered A Multi-Level Digital Ecosystem For Kåska Drinks’ Product Launch


Sam at Alpha Alias instantly got the hang of our vision for the web solution and what we were set out to achieve. From a rough draft into exactly what we were looking for design-wise in basically no time, and with a deep tech understanding and on-point proactiveness from AA's side, we were able to develop a beautiful, fully customized and cross-device working Shopify page unlike anything out there. A passion for greatness and caring is what we appreciate at Alpha Alias.

Fred Karlsson




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Alcoholic Drinks

The Request

Kåska Drinks requested an expertly designed, mobile-first, Shopify E-commerce solution that respects strict legal guidelines that regulate who can view alcohol-related content and purchase alcohol online in multiple markets. They also needed a strategically timed landing page to coincide with the launch of their brand.

  • Produce a single-page website to announce the brand, the first product, and collect email addresses for the mailing list.
  • Adapt Kåska's new branding to mobile-first web applications.
  • Develop a technical structure within Shopify that adheres to strict legal guidelines regarding the sales and marketing of alcohol from multiple markets.
  • Extend the core Shopify capabilities to include additional content types that Kåska wanted to create.

The Solution

A highly-engaging, conversion based, eCommerce powerhouse

Our ecommerce solution provided all of the necessary services to accomplish the objectives for the new Kåska Drinks webshop, and our Project First Methodology allowed us to flexibly discover and target the appropriate goals and how we would achieve them.

Alpha Alias produced a REACT static landing page with GatsbyJS and worked with Kåska Drinks to iterate content while developing the Shopify store.
At the same time, a collaborative approach to the webshop design helped produce a beautiful Shopify layout optimized for both mobile and desktop viewports.
We then extended the functionality of Shopify’s content management features to accommodate additional content types.
Implementing the designs included the development of subtle motion graphics that complemented Kåska’s brand.

The Result

Tens of thousands of page views, thousands of email subscriptions, two ecosystems launched with a phased approach, and one very satisfied startup

Impressive Benchmark Metrics

Both sites in the phased ecosystem deployment received a significant amount of traffic. Kåska Drinks' first product was popular right out of the gate. The website's ease of use led to an excellent performance in the overall Bounce Rate and Pages Per Session. The email list subscriptions have had significant peaks, and the submission form has handled increased volumes very well.

Successful Brand Adaptation

By validating directly with consumers and measuring engagement metrics, we found that adapting Kåska Drinks' brand for the web brought successful results from their audience. The client was also delighted with the result.

Client Satisfaction

While our decision-making has been proven right by measuring data and hearing from the audience, the best result comes from the client. "...we were able to develop a beautiful, fully customized, and cross-device working Shopify page unlike anything out there. A passion for greatness and caring is what we appreciate at Alpha Alias."

Kåska Drinks was an excellent client for Alpha Alias because they immediately believed in our methodology. As a startup, we truly believed in their motivation, and our combined enthusiasm made for excellent collaboration. Alpha Alias continues to work with Kåska Drinks as they are gearing up to release their next set of products and expand into new markets.