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Flexible Expertise And Scalability As A Solution: How Alpha Alias Built An Urgent-Request Action Team For F-Secure


Alpha Alias was able to very quickly put together a team to action our development requests and produce high-quality results that meets the demanding requirements of our organization. I look forward to continued collaboration with Sam Roon and his team.

Guillermo Escalona




Team Building
Strategic Operational Management
Quality Assurance
API Development


Information Security

The Request

F-Secure asked Alpha Alias to create a team of resources that could respond efficiently to overflow tasks that come with urgent priority to increase the capability of their internal B2B Web Team.

  • Plan and build a team able to scale up quickly to service a flexible volume of demand.
  • Access to a wide variety of skillsets to service a wide variety of tasks.
  • A well-organized workflow with transparent reporting.

The Solution

To build an urgent-action response team with access to varying skillsets.

Alpha Alias worked with F-Secure to understand and plan an approach to building a team that would be able to respond quickly to requests of varying skill sets.
F-Secure needed support with tasks from managing WordPress websites to building encrypted APIs.

Working with F-Secure provided a unique opportunity to show why Alpha Alias is the perfect choice for a flexible solution. Applying the Project First methodology, we first sat and defined F-Secure’s core needs and objectives.
Our primary task was to support Adobe Experience Manager requests. We also needed quality assurance specialists, WordPress developers, and design resources to be available on demand.
Our work extended beyond the original scope, and with each new request, we were able to produce high-quality deliverables that satisfied stringent security measures.

The Results

Technical resources ready at a moment's notice

Faster Turnaround Times

With resources on standby, Alpha Alias was able to turn around deliverables very quickly. We inserted each new request into our technical workflow based on F-Secure priorities.

Extended Skill Set

We were able to extend the capability of the B2B Web team by providing senior-level technical resources. This expansion allowed F-Secure to broaden its overall capabilities.

Flexible, Scalable Team Size

We created the team to operate as lean as possible. We could provide scale by having a strategically planned escalation process that allowed us to scale the team size significantly with very little notice.

F-Secure’s satisfaction with our service has turned into a genuine source of pride for Alpha Alias. We have been able to work on many projects and support tasks that help bring value to F-Secure’s B2B Web team.