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About Alpha Alias

Alpha Alias is a Helsinki, Finland based digital agency focused on operational leadership. At Alpha Alias we believe innovation is the defiance of normal. Our ‘Project First’ approach allows unique product requirements to define the specialized needs of a project team before we enlist them. We apply that approach to digital operations.

The Challenge

About The Job

We're looking for a Director Of Business Development to support the growth and expansion initiatives of Alpha Alias in France.

You will be the primary point of contact for Alpha Alias in France. In this role you will work with clients to help them achieve success with their digitalization efforts, you will create and implement a localized business strategy, and you will build a team to support growth in your region.

It is important that you are able to operate independently. We work as a team but we also expect you to take initiative in selling, growing client relationships, fulfilling clients’ strategic goals, leading teams and making sure things happen on time and on budget.

Our business strategy works with remote teams and partners. You will need to have excellent written and verbal skills in English, and be highly organized and transparent in order to successfully lead projects working with the remote teams. 

This role is intended to grow over time into a Managing Director position. We will invest in your personal development and give you all the tools to achieve success. We understand that we succeed when you do, and we’ll support you in getting there.

Area Of Operation


Alpha Alias is expanding to France and we are looking at Paris to set up shop. Our intention is to provide localized support for clients and localized marketing for Alpha Alias. The operation you build will service France as a region and of course you will be able to support clients from all over the world. All leads that come to Alpha Alias from the French market will become your leads.

Inspiration Fueled Action.

Inspiration Fueled Action.

Inspiration Fueled Action.


  • Procure leads and develop new business
  • Develop and implement growth strategies
  • Manage and maintain relationships with clients
  • Meet growth targets
  • Continue to grow expertise on industry-relevant technological advancements
  • Write proposals and contracts, and negotiate with stakeholders
  • Identify and map business strengths and customer needs
  • Research business opportunities and viable income streams
  • Follow industry trends locally and internationally
  • Lead internal operations for your region
  • Lead projects for your region


  • Excellent presentation, communication and negotiation skills in French and English
  • Experience procuring and activating new business, especially in France
  • Experience growing revenues and effectively managing budgets
  • Experience motivating and leading teams
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills with strong attention to detail
  • Demonstrable history of success in leading digital projects
  • Solid understanding of modern digital practices
  • Solid understanding of current digital trends
  • Understanding of how to operate in Agile, Waterfall and Scrumfall methodologies
  • Able to legally accept work in Europe

Real Benefits

What We Offer

We believe in providing real benefits to our colleagues, not just silly perks. Here's what we offer.

Personal Development. Alpha Alias only gets better when our team is getting better. That is why we are committed to the personal development of everyone at our company. We will invest in the enhancement of skills, certified qualifications of relevant technologies, and anything else that makes you a more impactful individual.

Your Mark. You will shape the future of Alpha Alias in your market. You will be the first person in this role in your region, and you will have the flexibility to make it what you need it to be. You will lead the growth of your team with your vision for the market.

Leadership. This role allows you to occupy a seat on our Management Team. This means you will be involved in the decision making for the company’s wider initiatives, and have a voice in how we position ourselves on the global market.

Compensation. The Director Of Business Development has the ability to make a substantial amount of money. We have designed the compensation model for this role to receive a commission based on sales managed through your team. In addition, we offer a significant bonus program for meeting reasonable sales targets. 

Here's What To Do

How To Apply

Please send the requested information to when you are ready. We look forward to reviewing your application and will respond as soon as possible.

Please Send The Following
  • Resume / CV as an attachment or link
  • Cover letter telling us a little about yourself as a person and as a professional
  • A general description of how you meet the requirements
  • Any additional information you would like to share about yourself or your approach to business development
  • Link to your LinkedIn profile
  • Link to your portfolio (if you have one)

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