Alpha Alias Is Now A Certified Expert Agency


Let us guide you on your journey into conversational experiences

Alpha Alias is now a Certified Expert agency. We’re very excited to announce our new certification for one of the industry’s most exciting up-and-coming services. Landbot is a chatbot platform that allows Alpha Alias to focus our attention on the content and flow of automated conversational experiences.

The awards distributed early this year, celebrating the best of digital work done in 2018, show a lot of industry “chic” and setting trends for what we will see in the coming years. Much like the clothing you see at a runway show for fashion, you’d never actually wear this stuff, but it’s awe-inspiring artistry to bewonder in an ever-evolving space.

Landbot features the ability to add automated conversational experiences to your digital ecosystem in a number of ways:

  • We can use Landbot to create a traditional hover-style bot like what you see on
  • We can embed Landbot directly into a page to create a seamless user interface that doesn’t disrupt the flow of your content
  • We can build Landbot as a standalone page that encapsulates the user experience in a controlled environment
  • We can use Landbot to automate your most important social touch points like Facebook Messenger and What’sApp


Strategic Benefits Of Conversational Experiences

A statistically better user experience for your audience.

Personalize individual user experiences

Higher engagement through ‘natural’ conversation

Frictionless customer experience

Answer common questions in real-time

Provide information and assistance more efficiently

Improved customer service

Alpha Alias is inspired by the flexibility and robust set of options available in Landbot. But it goes further than the tool…

We’re excited about working with Landbot as a tool to accomplish many of the goals our clients have. Automating experiences for lead generation, customer support, mailing list signups, surveys, job applications, etc., is just the tip of the iceberg.

Taking things a step further

We can use conversational experiences to gather important data from our audience and validate it in realtime. 

For example, if we ask job applicants to submit an application through a form or a bot, they would simply upload that information and leave it for you to review. With validation, we can ask applicants the most important questions we want to know and customize their path depending on how they have answered.

With lead generation we can outline a specific set of criteria that categorizes leads in a number of different ways.

For example, if you operate a real-estate agency you could validate buyers based on their budget, how many bedrooms they are looking for, and in what part of town. Based on the criteria we set, we can convert that buyer into a lead, or even display potential homes right in the experience.

It’s Official

With Alpha Alias’ new Expert Certification we have expanded our capacity to offer comprehensive conversational experiences.