How A Global Pandemic Reinforces The Need For A Digital Representation Of Your Business


We’re in the midst of a global pandemic, and young companies will struggle to survive

Alpha Alias HQ is based in the Maria 01 startup campus in downtown Helsinki, Finland. On a daily basis we sit and work with hundreds of companies who struggle to see a tomorrow. The rise of the Coronavirus is nothing short of catastrophic for many startups and young companies who rely heavily on face-to-face contact with customers and clients.

As our world leaders keep repeating, the way we live our lives is about to change in permanent ways.

At Alpha Alias we believe that companies who exist in 2020 without a website, or with a substandard digital representation of your product or service, will not be able to compete in any sector. Now that every company’s list of adversities includes global pandemics, the fact that your company must have a competitive digital presence becomes even more relevant.

Digital representation is not just websites

There are a few reasons we talk about ‘digital representation’ instead of individual products. First and foremost it’s because we’re thinking about what is best for our clients to compete in the digital arena. We consider your target consumers, the channels that are best to reach them, and the ways in which you engage potential consumers.

In most cases, a multi-channel solution is the best path forward to engage and convert potential consumers and clients, not just a website.

We also talk about digital representation because it’s important to focus on the content being created and communicated across all channels, even if Alpha Alias is only directly involved in the structural design or build of one part. It’s important that we understand how you want to be represented in the digital space.

The Basics

A Three-Pronged Approach To Digital Representation


You must have a website where consumers or clients can find you easily. If someone wants what you offer, it’s a guarantee they will miss you if you are misrepresented.


Your website content needs to work for you; engaging your audience and developing value. Your outreach content on other websites and social platforms should capture the right attention.

Conversion Funnel

Finally, you need to convert those who come into your purview. The nuance of conversions is unique to different sectors, but the goal is the same: once you’ve captured the attention of the right audience, you must convert them.

The world is in survival mode, but your company doesn’t have to be

While borders, schools and social interactions are restricted, the most logical place to continue to buy, sell and communicate is online. If you weren’t ready before, you’re likely scrambling right now to make it work. This is where Alpha Alias can help.

Our business model is designed to not only provide a high level of expertise, but we are able to scale significantly in short periods of time. This allows us to ramp up the design and development of applications like websites or chatbots very quickly, and we can begin creating content on a wide range of topics and manage social marketing campaigns almost immediately.

The world may have stopped, but unlike in the past we are all still very much connected. Those who don’t adapt and overcome the challenge are certain to be left behind. Alpha Alias is here to make sure you don’t.

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